Saturday, February 21, 2009

Burritos that were a "Keeper"

Tonight I decided to actually try and cook. Good thing I did, really, since DH didn't even get home from work till 7:00!!! I had some things to use up, so I decided to use one of my suggestions in my prior post on rice, and I made burritos of a sort.

We had a roast the other night, and I had instructed DH to put the gravy/drippings into a container in the fridge. It was made with cream of mushroom soup, so it was a nice creamy concoction. I removed all the fat from the mixture and discarded it (gotta love how that all rises to the top when chilled!). I set a half-cup aside and heated the rest up, adding cornstarch and water to make a nice thick base. Into this, I stirred around 2 cups of brown rice, and all the leftover shredded roast. A taste sample proved it was pretty good!!

I got out my tortillas and placed a large scoop of this filling onto each, topping with shredded cheddar/jack cheese. Now, I know this sounds really non-spicy, but my kids are NOT spice eaters, and my stomach is still recovering from surgery, so I'm not ready for much spice or any beans just yet. So, yes, these are a bit boring, but you can add anything you want to spice up yours! I rolled my tortillas into pretty burritos and put them in a 13x9 pan. Once they were all done (I ended up with 12), I covered the pan with foil and put them in a 275° oven to get them nice and warm for dinner.

Remember that half-cup of the gravy that I set aside? Well, I decided to make a nice sauce to pour over the top for DH and I. Into the gravy, I mixed a huge scoop of sour cream and some salsa. I mixed it well and got it nice and hot, and it was a very nice touch - DH loved it, even reheated!

The kids ate this very well, and loved that they could pick up the burritos and eat them without a fork. They were definitely not authentic, but it was a great use of all the leftovers from making a roast the other day. Nobody even realized that dinner was comprised of leftovers! :-) (By the way, the tortillas were left from making quesadillas the other


  1. Nice to hear that you are up and moving around! The burritos sound yummy!

  2. I'm glad you are feeling well enough to be cooking & up and around. These sound very good!!

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better! The burrito looks tasty. I might try a low carb version of that. :)

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