Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Please Vote for Me!!!

A tip that I submitted to the site Get Dollar Savvy, by Reader's Digest, has been selected as a possible winner of $250. I did win this contest a few weeks ago with a grocery-saving tip (and they have yet to contact me!), but as most of you know, I just had major surgery and I could really use a little help with all of these medical bills!

If you would be so kind as to help me out with your vote, please go to:

Scroll down to the contest. My tip is the first one on the list, shown as submitted by KaryaDawn (my nickname there). I would so very much appreciate your vote!

While you're there, submit your own tip for next week's contest. It's a tough one this time! In order to submit an entry, you do have to register, but you don't have to do anything just to vote, so no need to worry about spam or anything.

Thanks for your help!!!!


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