Monday, October 12, 2009

What To Do With Too Many Eggs?

Hello, my wonderful readers! I'm sorry to have left you hanging for so long. It definitely isn't that I haven't been using my leftovers; it's more that I haven't done anything I felt was worth posting. That or I'm just too lazy to use my camera! ;-)

This post, at first look, doesn't appear to be about leftovers, but I still felt it suited my purpose here. It's about not wasting food, and creatively using what you have on hand. This is the overall idea of Not Just Leftovers. Read on.....

So this morning I realized that I had 2 dozen eggs in the refrigerator that expire tomorrow! Yikes!! I planned quiche for dinner, but that wasn't going to use nearly enough eggs. I needed something that used a LOT! I thought about it a bit, and the idea of an angel food came came to mind; however, I dismissed it because I can't imagine making one from scratch.

The more I thought about it, though, the better that sounded. And, really, why not at least TRY it? If the eggs are going to go to waste anyway, if the cake doesn't turn out, what am I really out? I decided I could always cut it up and turn it in to a trifle if it was too terrible.

So I went onto and found this recipe. Looks simple enough, right? And I already have the pan since I bought it for a quarter at a yard sale, just in case. I decided to go for it!

Let me tell you, it's a little nerve-wracking waiting 45 minutes to find out if your cake is looking okay or if it's a flat mess. I didn't want to peek and risk making it fall. Of course, after about 35 minutes, I couldn't resist and I did look. It looked great!!! I was so excited!! Admittedly, it did fall a little bit after I peeked, but that might be normal....I have no idea. It went from about an inch over the top of the pan down to pan level by the time it was done, but that was just the right size!

Want to see it??? Here you go:

Does that look GOOD, or what???? I can't wait to try it! I have already eaten several crumbs, as well as a piece from the bottom that you can't see...hehe! It really tastes wonderful. I can't believe I did it! What an awesome way to keep eggs from spoiling and going to waste....


  1. You can also make a "quiche in a bag" and just mix together the eggs and what not and freeze for later. Works great! One night for dinner just thaw out the bag, whip up the crust and voila!

  2. I made this once when I had too many eggs:

    It was DELISH! :-) And, made realllly yummy toast! (And, probably would've made super French toast)!

  3. This is a fantastic idea for a blog. I am adding your badge to my blog. More people should know where to find you.

  4. Janelle, I too used to panic about expiration dates on egg cartons... but I have to tell you that the eggs are good for at least another week after that date and often longer.

    If you question the egg's edibility, take a deep cup or glass, fill with water and drop the egg in. If it floats, then the egg is indeed beyond the pale and must be gotten rid of. If it stays on the bottom (even if it stands on end) then you are OK. Hope this is helpful.


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