Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Idea for Cereal

This morning I made my kiddos their favorite Bananariffic Muffins for breakfast. I've had 5 bananas sitting on my counter for days, getting browner and browner, that needed to be utilized, and they LOVE those muffins.

After I had put the batter in the pans, it was time to make the topping, but I just didn't want to make it today. I looked over at my counter and remembered that I still had a little bit of Cinnamon Pecan Special K cereal left. That stuff is good! So, on a whim, I crushed up what was left and put it on top of my muffins, just to see how it worked. It was terrific!!!! The cereal stayed crunchy, and gave that little hint of extra sweetness. I will most definitely try this with other cereals.

So next time you just have some crumbs at the bottom of your cereal box, don't toss it! Try topping your next batch of homemade muffins and see how you like it!


  1. Did you know that when your bananas start to go bad you can just toss them into the freezer? They will turn black on the outside but the inside will be perfect to bake with when they are thawed. I've probably got 6 bananas in my freezer now just waiting until the next time I'm in the mood for Banana Muffins or Banana Bread.

  2. That is a great idea! I never know what to do with that last bit of cereal. It is usually not enough for a bowl but I don't like to just throw it in the trash.


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