Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The "free" soup lunch

This morning when I got up, the soup was nowhere near ready. I was surprised by this, but it was okay, since we weren't having lunch for several hours. So I let it keep on cookin'. Around 10:30, I got out my hand blender and pureed everything. I know it's best to puree some of it and leave the rest, but it's easier (and just as good) to puree it all.

After pureeing, it was a bit more thin than I liked, so I added some mashed potato flakes and blended it a bit more. Then I left it on low until we ate around 11:45. It was wonderful soup!!!! We each had two bowls and were full, but it was sooooo yummy! I have a lot left in the fridge for lunch tomorrow, and then I might freeze the rest for another day. I can't believe something that good only cost me pennies!

Wanna see how pretty it was??? Here ya go:

Moral: Don't throw away those ham bones - you will be shocked at how far you can stretch 'em!!! :-)

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  1. Sounds good! Unfortunately, I'm the only one here who likes split pea soup. :(


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