Monday, January 12, 2009

Real Men Really DO Eat Quiche!

This week, let's turn those leftovers into a wonderful quiche!!! I posted this a few days ago, but it definitely works for me!! And for more amazing tips from all over the globe, visit Rocks in my Dryer all day today!!

Tonight for dinner I was really wanting quiche, which I haven't made in a very long time. As I was putting it together, it occurred to me what a wonderful way this would be to use up small bits of meat and veggies in the fridge. And who would ever guess that this fantastic meal was borne of leftovers???

I was questioning my crust earlier in the day and my friend Tammy (I am SO going to get her to guest post one of these days!) suggested a potato crust, since I have so many potatoes currently in the fridge (gotta love sales). So, I combined her instructions with the directions in a couple of recipes I found online and came up with an absolutely delicious hash-brown style crust.

First, I peeled 5 small potatoes, because that is what was in my bag. 2-3 larger ones would be just fine. I then put them in my salad shooter and shredded them into a colander. After I had them all shredded, I rinsed the shreds and then placed them on paper towels to dry. I pressed on top with other paper towels to get them as dry as I could. And then they looked like this:

Now, I got out my handy-dandy pie place and I pressed the shreds into the bottom and up the sides, like this:

I popped that into the oven at 425° for about 30 minutes, and when it came out, this is how tasty it looked:

Now, a word to the wise: There was some serious shrinkage that occurred here. Be aware of this when forming your crust. In my case, it was fine, but if you want a bigger quiche than I made, you will certainly want to allow for the shrinkage factor (real men deal with that, too - HA!).

Next came the filling. In my case, I put about a quarter-cup of cheddar cheese, maybe 1/3 cup of diced ham, and a few tablespoons of bacon bits onto the crust. In a bowl, I beat 4 eggs and poured in about 3/4 of a cup of milk and just a bit of salt and pepper. I whisked this well, then poured it over the meat, cheese, and crust. I put it back into the oven for another 30 minutes, and HERE is my result:

It was really good, and even my picky 6-year-old ate every bit of hers. Both the "men" ate quite a bit of it, too! I changed up my menu plan a bit and served it up alongside strawberry-cream-cheese-stuffed french toast, which is just so darn good! Wanna see THAT?

Yeah, it's that good and then some! Yum!!! It was a very tasty, VERY well-received dinner. Every bit was gobbled up, which is a rarity around here. And if you have kids (or a kid-like man in the house) who balk at the idea of a "quiche," maybe you could call it a scrambled egg hash brown pie?? Well, maybe not......


  1. I like the hash brown crust. I've also used leftover rice for crust.

    The strawberry-cream-cheese-stuffed french toast looks heavenly!

  2. I love the fact with the hashbrown crust! It looks so good!! I'm going to have to remember this & come back to write it down:)

  3. I gave you an award. Check it out at
    Congratulations!! Jennifer @ Cooking Like A Frugalite

  4. oh wowie! I thought the quiche looked good til I scrolled down and saw the french toast! :::DROOL::::: can you post THAT recipe?

  5. This is great! I have some left over veggies hangin' out in the fridge and I had no idea what I was going to do with them . . . . now I do :-) Thanks!

  6. That looks great! I know it would be gone in seconds flat with my crew! Do teenagers ever get full?

  7. That looks so good! I recently tried a new recipe for a crustless quiche and it was fantastic, which really surprised me. I miss crusts but hey, I do my best to keep low carbing. :)

  8. That is awesome!! It looks sooo yummy!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. That quiche looks incredible--definitely worth a try! PS- I just found your blog and love the theme! I keep a blog on repurposing everyday items around your house, and what better way to repurpose than to reuse your leftovers! I will add you to my blogroll -- you have some great ideas!


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