Saturday, January 3, 2009


Meatloaf is a staple around here. I find that a little funny, because growing up, I absolutely detested my mother's meatloaf! It was dry and full of nasty onion and just about the grossest think she made me eat, next to liver (which fortunately was a rarity!). Initially, my kids turned up their noses at meatloaf, until one day when I declared that I had made a "giant meatball" for dinner. Ever since, it's been one of their favorites. And it really was a true statement, considering that I make the same meat mixture for both meatloaves and meatballs!

Whenever I get a great deal on ground beef, I will often make my meat mixture and freeze batches of meatballs and cooked meatloaves. It makes for an easy supper on a busy night, as it reheats beautifully. I usually make my loaves large, to ensure at least a little bit of leftover loaf. As my son gets older, though (he's approaching 13), he is eating more and more and the child can put away meatloaf! So I don't have the leftovers I used to, but I usually still have at least some.

If you have a large portion of the loaf, a great thing to do is to cut it into cubes and use the cubes as meatballs in a spaghetti dinner. When I do this, nobody even notices the "meatballs" aren't round!

I know that a lot of folks will serve thin slices open-faced on bread and covered with brown gravy. That isn't a favorite here, but lots of people love it.

Another interesting thing I've done with meatloaf when I only had a little bit was that I chopped it up into little pieces and used it in place of browned ground beef in a lasagna. I wondered if it would work, and it was perfect! Nobody noticed a thing, and I saved myself the cost of a package of ground beef in that dinner. Even if you only have a little left, it's a great substitute for plain ground beef in your recipes.

And something else I've been known to do when I had a lot of it left was cubing it and mixing the cubes into a nice gravy and serving over noodles or cooked rice. You can mix in a bit of sour cream to make it more of a stroganoff dish if you're using noodles. I wonder if I could use leftover meatloaf as the ground beef in my Pastitsio recipe. That just might be a little over the top.....

Thanks for all the comments I've been receiving! I will continue to try and post ideas for utilizing every bit of food that you have. Coming soon....bread crusts and heels and those last few buns in the package. :-)


  1. I'm just stopping by from SITS to say hello and wish you a fabulous week!

  2. Janelle, you're not going to share the meatloaf recipe you use? Please do!

  3. I love meatloaf AND liver the way my mom makes it. LOL!

    One of my favorite ways to eat leftover meatloaf is to just make a sandwich out of it, with mayo, ketchup, mustard, etc. Kind of like a hamburger, really.

  4. Janelle, you are so clever! I love your blog!

    You have inspired me to write a blog about meatloaf! I'll be linking back to your post, if it's okay with you!

  5. Thanks for the recipe. It sounds great and I'm going to use the meatball recipe to make a dish my sister suggested to me.

  6. My parents like to get us to do more work around the house over the summer (like cooking) and I ended up making meatloaf last week. But we don't eat very much meat so I had a lot left over haha. You're a real lifesaver. :)


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